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When people choose to visit Sri Lanka for the first time, often the case is that they do not wish to splash out what they can’t afford on a 5-star hotel, but still wish to stay in somewhere pleasant and luxurious. Although 4-star hotels do not have all the facilities that a 5-star hotel does, surprisingly, they are not too far off at all. Sri Lankan hotels in this category are still happy to provide helpful and welcoming staff, a pleasant atmosphere and overall a good quality place to stay for guests. What more could you ask for?

4-star hotels in this idyllic country are, most of the time, surrounded by total evergreen bliss. The unique aspect of accommodation in Sri Lanka is that hotels are often accompanied with natural surroundings, yet are still in a convenient and central location. This is the case with many 4-star hotels; making great options for those who are fans of natural beauty, but still like to see the sights. Not only this, but many hotels in this rating provide top quality interiors and modern furnishings with plenty of necessary amenities. These include: en-suite bathrooms, balconies, TV, WiFi access, air conditioning, hot & cold water, and in some hotels, room service.

Sri Lanka serves as a base to a long list of beautiful and interesting locations. Some of these are Kandy hotels, Colombo, Negombo hotels and Galle hotels, to name just a few. These major cities are great for history lovers, and those with a passion for nature.

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